My name is Maureen Kolhoff and I am an art student at the ”Edinburgh Atelier of Fine Art” in Edinburgh (Scotland). Before I went to study at the Art Academy, I already enjoyed creating drawings and paintings. For the last few years I knew that I wanted to be an artist. I love to express myself through drawing and painting. In 2015 I also started with 3d street & wall paintings.

My goal at the moment is to become better in what I do. I hope to achieve this through practise and experiment with new techniques and materials.

The process of creating an art piece is an important aspect of the end product. To preserve and show this process I started a YouTube channel where you can see me creating my art. I have been inspired and have learned a lot from other artists YouTube channels and I hope my channel will inspire and teach other budding artists.

If you like what you see you can always contact me. I will gladly make you a unique piece of art.