The Materials I use

The quality of materials used is very important, that’s why I use only high quality materials, no cheap made in China canvases, paint and pencils etc.

Using quality materials will deliver a high quality artwork which is meant to last.

Some of the brands I use are Amsterdam, Prismacolor, Derwent/Faber Castell and other high quality products

Quality is pride of workmanship.

W. Edwards Deming

For Drawings I use the following Materials

I use Derwent/Faber Castell pencils for black/white drawings and Caran d’Ache Luminance pencils for colour drawings. (Caran d’Ache Luminance pencils contain a lot of pigments, this makes these pencils a bit more expensive, but the result and the quality is fantastic!).

For Paper I use, Strathmore Artist Papers 500 series bristol, plate surface

For Paintings I use the following Materials

I paint mostly on mdf, but when a canvas fabric is preferred, I can work in this as well. MDF plates I buy I from the hardware store, I’ll prepare this first with good gesso from the artist shop before I start painting. I paint with different brands of paint. Usually I paint with Amsterdam, this is a good quality study paint.
When I paint in commission, I paint with Amsterdam Expert or Golden, these are high quality paints. I paint with oil paint as well with acrylic paint.

All paintings will of course get a protective layer!

For Street & Wall Paintings I use the following Materials

When I make an inside 3d street painting, I do this on a piece of vinyl. Of course I prepare this first with gesso. 3D street paintings on vinyl I only use acrylic paint(Amsterdam). When I make a 3D street painting outside I use acrylic paint (Amsterdam) or pigments and pastels. (Jaxell) For a wall painting, I use an acrylic paint (Amsterdam)